Projects with Elementary and High School students

From monomodal texts to multimodal narratives, Maker Literacies

In this SSHRC project, my goal is to develop students' monomodal and multimodal reading and making potential. By reading short stories, children first focus on reading fluency and comprehension. Then, they transform their reception of the narrative into the multimodal planning of a comic book. They design, make, shape, hash out, build narrative worlds in which they use previous characters and remake the story. What is interesting is looking at the decision-making that students go through as they reflect on and craft their stories.

Creating Comic Strips, Collège Letendre, 2015-2017

As part of their English as a Second Language class, grade-7 students planned and wrote storylines, created character profiles, designed story boards, and structured their comic book narratives. Pictures shown above represent the some of the steps they achieved through their work.

Drawing Fictional Images, Collège Sainte-Hilaire, 2015

In this project, grade-12 students reflected on the mental images they felt and imagined when they read a scene of a given play. Then, they were asked to either draw or produce a collage of their felt reading experiences. The example shown above represents a student's drawing.


Collège Letendre, 2011-2015

French Language Arts (grade 8: spring 2011, spring 2012)

English as a Second Language (grade 7: summer 2011-2015; 2017, grade 8: fall 2011, winter 2012, spring 2012)

Villa Sainte-Marcelline, 2016

French Language Arts, course grader (grade 11)