Conference Organization

2019 Conference Chair, Maker Education and Pedagogy, SSHRC-funded conference hosted at Mount Saint Vincent University, November 29.

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2016 Pre-Conference Chair, Common grounds: Intersectionalities between arts-based educational research and language and literacy education, Art Researchers & Teachers Society, as part of the Canadian Society for the Study of Education Annual meeting, Calgary, AB.

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2015 Media Coordinator, Canadian Society for Education through Art, October 16-17, Montreal, QC.

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2015 Conference Chair, Beyond Reading: Aligning Literacies across Disciplines in the 21st Century, McGill University, Montreal, QC, March 13-14. Keynote Speakers: Monica Heller (OISE/UT), CRC Jennifer Rowsell (Brock).

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Conference pictures, courtesy of Anne-Rachelle Boulanger

2015 EGSS Conference Feedback Data

N = 29

Did the 2015 EGSS Conference fulfill your expectations?

Qualitative data:

-Amazing job by the organizers! Everything was communicated effectively and lots of 'hype' around the event. Great job- cannot say this enough!!!!

-it was a lot better than I had imagined. Food was delicious!

-The conference was well organized. Unfortunately, I only managed to see the morning session on Saturday and the keynote speaker.

-The keynote by Dr. Rowsell was excellent and I learned a lot from her presentation.

-Unfortunately I applied to present too late. If I had been able to present I think that I would have enjoyed the conference more.

-One of the very best conferences I attended in my career! No show-offing, just great humble presentations & keynotes!

-It was reassuring to have the laptop as a backup, the instructions were very clear, and the presentations were excellent!

-good keynote speakers. good food.

-Well organized!  Thank you!

-Awesome food, interesting presentations, and well-organized! Bravo!

-It was awesome!

-I was impressed overall with the quality of presentations this year.

-It was intimate and informative.

-Wonderful array of presentations

-It was a great conference and relevant topic!

-Good conference. Well organized.

-Wow! What a fantastic conference! I really enjoyed all of the presentations I heard and having the opportunity to network. I also wanted to congratulate you on getting such an interesting keynote speaker on Saturday and for the EXCELLENT food and snacks. It was very well organized.

How would you describe the overall organization of the event?

-Very well planned.



-Very good.

-Very good organization.

-It far exceeded any ideas of what I thought might transpire. I was quite surprised that there weren't more attendees but that just meant more opportunities for us to comment and for discussions to transpire.

-Fantastic! Keep it simple; it matters so much!

-It was well organized.

-Very well-organized, everything looked great, and the online and physical presence of the organizers was great as well.

-Awesome! Well done!

-Very well organized! Congratulations on a successful conference. Thank you for all of your hard work in organizing.

-Very good (see above comments).

-Two thumbs UP.

-Enjoyed the scale and topics for workshops and keynotes.

-It was EXCELLENT! Great job to the committee!

-Good event and organization


-Awesome! Really well done


On a scale of 1 to 5, (5 being the highest), please rate your appreciation of:

The conference theme, Beyond Reading: Aligning Literacies in the 21st Century (n=28):Mean 4.57/5

Registration and communications (n=29):Mean 4.28/5

Social media presence and promotion (n=25):Mean 4.32/5

Conference website (n=26):Mean 4.35/5

Conference facilities (n=29):Mean 4.52/5

Registration and welcome desk (n=28):Mean4.54/5

Assistance provided (n=28):Mean 4.58/5

Conference program (n=28): Mean 4.6/5

Conference presentations, workshops, posters (n=28): Mean 4.39/5

Presentation experience (n=16): Mean 4.8/5